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Good morning everyone:

  as everyone knows,english is very important has been used everywhere in the has become the most common language on internet and for international trade. if we can speak english well,we will have more chance to use more and more people have taken notice of it,the number of the people who go to learn english has increased at a high speed. but for myself,i learn english not only because of its importance and its usefulness,but also because of my love for i learn english, i can feel a different way of thinking which gives me more room to touch the i read english novels,i can feel the pleasure from the book which is different from reading the i speak english, i can feel the confident from my i write english,i can see the beauty which is not the same as our chinese...

  i am flying today, speech is the ideal wing, as a middle school student, we are in love fantasy, love to dream, love highlight their personality, love and zhang yang us different, we were not mistaken, we now are not qualitatively period of development, there is no one standard for us to judge their own life and values. we always let adults know that we can do it yourself to live, you can solve their own problems, but we have some dependence. love day dreaming, perhaps today we want to be a teacher, to educate our newcomers, and perhaps tomorrow we...



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  I was fortunate to 20xx years in September admitted to the University of ad specialty XX. From 20xx to 20xx, from East Campus to Dushu Lake Campus. In the Soviet four years, brought me a lot of heritage and memory. Four years passed away, when they graduate, should be for the life of four years in the Ivory Tower to learn to do an interview self-introduction.

  In four years, I quite seriously in learning, performance is also better, every year the school received a scholarship in the class have been able to maintain in the top five. Particularly in the specialized courses concerned, as far as possible to learn good use. Actively participate in various advertising competitions, and won the National College Advertising Art Competition Third Prize of Jiangsu Division. Both peacetime operations, or papers, or exams, can seriously hope the best. If you would like to say that four years in learning what the greatest regret is that English, formerly in high school I've had a nice English, but into the university, I slack on the English language, and not spend too much time to learn , resulting in the test to graduate have not been 6.

  In social practice, I think my experience was very abundant. 200 * in the second half, I have to do internship in an advertising agency planning wo...



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  Teachers, students:

  Good morning, everyone!

  Thanksgiving, is ubiquitous. What is the reason that I stand here? Is gratitude. Thanks to the support of my teachers and classmates love, thanks to the school to give the opportunity to thank for a mother for the cultivation of thanks to my own effort. Because thanks to these, I will stand here today

  I know, we should be thankful, grateful to our parents of fertility and gratefulness. Parents to our care and love, parents of selfless dedication to us, we should feel very satisfied and happy.

  I know, we should be thankful, grateful to our training school, she gave us a good learning environment, provide us with a lot of opportunities, she can let us stand on the stage of this sacred in the great hall of the people, this makes me unforgettable. The dictionary composition nets:

  I know, we should be thankful, grateful to our teachers every, is he (she) brings us from the first grade of ignorance; The innocence of second grade; Grade three naughty; In fourth grade restlessness; The growth of grade five, into today -- a graduating sixth graders. He (she) are among this shed too much sweat and hard work.

  I know, we should be thankful, grateful to give us the gift of nature, the blue sky white clouds, lakes, sea, sunshine, fresh air, flo...



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  Dear teachers, dear students:

  hello everyone!

  The topic of my speech is "the hardness of life"

  The vast desert, a tree stand, the show is a monument to the image.

  Towering mountains, thousands of tree stand up, as is a magnificent the Great Wall.

  The long river, all the trees stood up into a dragon of glory.

  We are a symbol of too much, and too much. But I believe that my image is not "the gentlest hands, skin, such as Diorskin" Lin Daiyu, nor is the modern "unkempt and shabby", "Su Qier". We are a symbol of hope and vitality. So we show in front of others should be inserted without pleats, face without scale, modest and polite gestures exudes a stream of heroic spirit, the image of the vigor and vitality of the modern new youth, a into the embodiment of the spirit of nature.

  Someone once said, life is a kind of hardness, integrity and dignity of life is propped up the hardness of bone. "Better life" and "the Kui back in the day, and not ashamed on the ground", which is always the traditional virtue of the China. Li Bai's "the eyebrow nengcui Zheyaoshan powerful thing, so that I may not be happy Yan" this awe inspiring atmosphere of the verse and whether it will make those no self-esteem people to shame? Loss of self-esteem is a worthless person, and we as the vanguard ...



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  Good morning teachers y I’m very happy to make a speech here name is Lenglinxuan I’m 12. I come from Class 1 Grade 6 of Henglu Primary School. Now I’ll start my speech my dream. Everyone has his own dream. Some want to be doctors. Others hope to be writes. But my dream is to become a teacher. Because I admire teachers hers can not teach us many things at school, but they do their best to teach us how to learn. Thanks to them, we learn knowledge. And at the same time, we learn how to live a happy life. They spend most time on their students. They are great in my heart. I know it is not easy to make my dream come true. Zhang haidi aunt once said: "everyone's life is a boat, and ideal is the boat sails." If, say, ideal is a boat to successful, so, I'll take good rudder. From now on I decide to study harder. I’m sure my dream will come true. My speech is over k you for listening.


  Good morning everyone!

  I am very glad to make a speech here! This time, I'd like to talk something about my dream.

  One day I want to grow up to be an actress. I want to be famous as can be. To be known thought out the world and to be love. To be an actress there are greater chance of meeting others famous people, going to their party and wearing fancy clothes, getting to be watch on screen. ha...



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  Good afternoon, my dear friends.

  I am very happy to meet you is my great honor to communicate with you at such a special t of all,please allow me to express my appreciation to you all to listion to me.

  I am proud of being a college collegelife is fresh,new teachers, new classmates and new friends. I like the friendship, and their wide knowledge and opening mind. The grand library, school buildings and wide playground attrattde me very college life is better than I expected, I can do anything I like. In the college we can not only learn the professional knowledge,but also develop our comprehensive we can make full use of the period,we can learn many useful des,we should have the active attitude to our life,do a contributionto the egelife is the most precious time in our of us want to become an outstanding man. But there are some students still waste their time. They get together for eating, drinking or playing cards. They're busy in searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. They completely forget their task as college students.

  Finally, I hope everybody can try their best to become a worthy person to our country, and make great contributions to the society! 下午好,我亲爱的朋友们。 我很高兴在这里遇到你。这是我的杰出的阁下在这样一个特殊的场合与你交流。首先,请允许我表达我的感激你们都要听我的。 我感到自豪的是一个大学生。大学生活是新鲜的,新的老师,新的同学,新的朋友。我喜欢的友谊,和他们的广泛知识和开放的思想。宏伟的图书馆,教学楼和宽阔的操...



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  good morning teachers and fellow students. today we would like to introduce a few favorite books to you.

  my favorite book is (italian: cuore). this is a diary written by an italian boy enrico. the diary is about his life and study. it included various touching stories that happened around enrico, the mottos taught by his parents, as well as the wonderful ten "monthly" stories told by his teacher during the class. every word in the chapter describes the word "love". from patriotism to friendship, and to the love between parents and child -- really touching.

  this novel taught me how to love, and how to learn from love. i really like this book very much. how about you? what is your favorite book?

  my favorite book is . have you read it before?

  oh, i haven’t read this book before. what is it about?

  well, it is a story of a rich girl who maintained her noble character after the bankruptcy of her father. the story is happy ending.

  can you tell us why you love this book so much?

  sure. it is because the story taught us to be brave and to face the challenges and difficulties with courage. i am deeply impressed by the strength and perseverance of the little princein the story. i have decided to learn from her from now on.

  oh i see, the story sounds very good. i cannot wait to read this book as well.



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  As the saying goes, what wakes you up in the morning is not your alarm clock, but you dream. The future is unknowable, but dream give us the direction some moment maybe the reality is harsh and you are suffering much. If you have a dream, even a very small one, it will light your life in the darkness and keep you hiding from the reality, for dream will give you the energy to fight.

  However, sometimes it seems that what is practical and sensible does not connect with your most treasured dreams. I am a freshman ,indeed my college life is not as colorful as imagined before,all plans and goals just be hung up。I’m very afraid that even if I graduated from college, I still couldn’t find a job and then had a better life. Faced with the cruel reality,we college students should really make good use of these facilities and learn as much useful knowledge as possible。Then after graduation, we would find it’s much easier to get a decent job.

  When I am a little girl,my father gave me two cups filled with soil,he asked me to water one cup every day。Two weeks later,tender leaves appeared in the cup that I watered everyday。Father said to me:“The seed represents for your dream,without sweat and effort,it won’t come out no means will your dream turn into reality if you never pay for it.”

  From this story I learn that If I intend to ful...


英语演讲稿:I believe in our future

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Honorable Judges, fellow students:

  Good afternoon!

  Recently, ther is a heated debate in our society. The college students are the beneficiaries of a rare privilege, who receive exceptional education at extraordinary places. But will we be able to face the challenge and support ourselves against all odds? Will we be able to better the lives of others? Will we be able to accept the responsibility of building the future of our country?

  The cynics say the college students are the pampered lost generation, which would cringe at the slightest discomfort. But the cynics are ...